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Viral in social media, the #KikiChallenge is breaking bones

Hashtag challenges are in vogue. This has been so since a handful of years and the common notion is that they make both social media and our lives a little adventurous. While all this may sound good enough, but there are dangers involved which most people overlook. Here we talk about the latest in the lineup of hashtag challenges, which has baffled not just the ones who attempt but also the law protectors.

What is the new #KikiChallenge and what you should keep in mind?

It cannot be said as to who kicked off this challenge first, it can be safely said that people took a misconception of what a celebrity was actually doing. Well-known comedian Shiggy posted a video in which he was dancing to the tunes of ‘In my feelings.’ The song was performed by Canadian artist Drake and features as the main tune of all the videos of #KikiChallenge.
The name Kiki comes from the lyrics of a song ‘Kiki do you love me.’ Since Shiggy posted his video first, there are alternatives to the name of the challenge like #DoTheShiggy or #ShiggyChallenge. One point to note is that Shiggy did not use any automobile, and NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr., who also took part in the challenge, used a stationary vehicle.

About the dangers

First of all, exiting a moving vehicle is dangerous to you and the people nearby. It can cause traffic congestion and if the car loses control, it can harm anybody (including you). Another important point is that using a mobile phone while driving is illegal. So whoever is holding a phone while shooting your video for the #KikiChallenge is bound to be arrested.In a bid to warn people about the negative side of this challenge, Mumbai police took the initiative to showcase what can happen when people attempt such things. They posted a video under the hashtag  #DanceYourWayToSafety #InMySafetyFeelingsChallenge  in which people attempted the #KikiChallenge and hurt themselves by banging on a pole.

In a bid to warn people about the negative side of this challenge,  Harsh Beniwal shared a video. The famous viner Harsh Beniwal caption on the twitter that the video was scripted and shot under supervision, While this is just one incident, that too on a scripted video, the possibilities of hurting yourself are multiple. One can misstep and bring health issues on themselves, or you might step on a dog’s tail and stream yourself running away from the animal to hold on for dear life.
Going by these videos, looks like better to be safe than sorry.
Watch the videos here.


Dubai Police have branded this act as illegal and will be taking in those who attempt the #KikiChallenge. The fines are quite hefty and the vehicle can be impounded for 60 days. Spanish Police have also considered this move, while the National Transport Safety Board have made a series of tweets to alert the citizens.

The point is not avoiding the challenge but to understand that there is a difference between adventure and responsibility. It is your life and you must not put it in danger by doing stuff which will hurt you and your loved ones.

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