Explore the best places of Maharashtra on a state tour

With the Arabian Sea on its western drift and the Sahyadri mountains cutting through it, Maharashtra is a state blessed by nature. From tranquil, sandy shoreline towns with old sanctuaries, to green, pristine hills stations, here is a rundown of some of the most wonderful places to visit in Maharashtra on a holiday tour.

Matheran Hill Station

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Matheran, just pretty much two hours from Mumbai, is nature at its purest, inferable from the town’s prohibition on use of any motor vehicle and the eco-friendly setting. It is the place of sojourn for the Mumbaikars and a haven for anyone who wants to breathe in pure air and needs a refreshing time. You must visit it.

Diveagar Beach

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This little, beachside town circumscribed by plantations is illustrative of Maharashtra’s novel excellence, joining the absolute best of ocean and nature. The town is additionally home to the Rupnarayan Temple, which houses a 900 years old symbol of Lord Vishnu. The town is quite small and yet lovely and for the most part the eco-friendly spots are a prime attraction.


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Khandala is one of Maharashtra’s most loved hill resorts and a standout amongest the most prominent weekend destinations from Pune and Mumbai. Settled in the Sahyadri mountains, this town is lavish, green, and flourishing with diverse flora. It additionally has a lot of treks to offer for the adventurous ones.

 Nighoj Potholes

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This little town, situated by the Kukadi river stream in the Ahmednagar of Maharashtra, has pulled in geologists from around the globe due to formation of pockets in the stone by the water. For those less inquisitive about the procedure behind this, the wonder is still an extraordinarily satisfying sight not to be missed at all. The Malganga Mandir situated by the banks is a popular religious spot.

Ganpatipule Beach

This little beachside town has one of Maharashtra’s cleanest, white-sand shorelines. The Ganpati Mandir by the shore has a 400 years old icon, which local people think to have sprung up from the underground. Despite the fact that the population here is as low as 500, the town has many resorts because of the large number of travelers and explorers who pay a visit to the temple.

Guhagar Beach

Another residential area with a virgin, white-sand shoreline by the Arabian ocean, Guhagar is dotted with coconut and mango trees. The town is practically scarce of visitors, although the clean shoreline is host to a yearly celebration which takes place in December. Guhagar has a few temples too, of which the Durga Devi Mandir is especially mainstream among the Hindus around here.


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This town serves as a stop for vacationers on the way to the noteworthy Ajanta and Ellora caverns, yet its one of a kind Mughal design and historical significance make it one of Maharashtra’s most wonderful places to explore. Aurangabad is home to a few chronicled landmarks including the Bibi Ka Maqbara, built by Azam Shah. The Maqbara or the catacomb looks somewhat like the Taj Mahal of Agra.


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This little town in the Sahyadri mountains with under 300 occupants is home to a standout amongst the most excellent fortresses in Maharashtra. The Rajmachi forts are unique as they have incredible significance in the Maratha history. It is a well known trekking destination around here. People from Mumbai fondly visit Rajmachi over the weekends.

These are some fabulous places to visit in Maharashtra. Get your train ticket booking done at the earliest and head for a wonderful holiday trip with your family or friends. It is like exploring Philadelphia and its countryside during your freshman years!

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