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5 Gifts that would serve your corporate world

We all have to retain a good relationship in our professional life hand in hand with a good family life. There are many people in professional fields too who teach us valuable lessons of work and life. Some inspire us with their achievements while some become friends for life. In short the professional or the corporate life is full of exciting people who always invest a bit of themselves in our curve of growth. From boss to employees, co-workers to clients, you must therefore make them happy on occasions. Have a look at some gifts for corporate world.


One of the most gifted corporate gifts is this diary which is generally gifted on New Year. We all work on some sort of plan and before we start the day’s work, most workers like to jot down their “TO-DO” list in a diary. Thus, it would always be of some benefit. You may get this diary a bit personalized by incorporating the name and designation of the person over it.


A great looking crystal paperweight is of much use to your boss or CEO. His/her table is always full of papers and files even in this date of computers. Paperweight should be a good looking one otherwise, he/she wouldn’t like to use it, always keep that in mind.

Pen Drive 

Not those 2 GB or 4 GB ones, a pen drive when meant to be gifted among corporate people has to be of 32 GB and should be a good branded one like SONY or MOSERBAER. Storing data is very important and thus the capacity of the pen drive you are giving should be the key factor.

Candles with a stand

On glittering occasions like Diwali or Christmas, this would be the most precious of all gifts. There are colorful candles as well the designer ones – select as per your budget. Now, to match these candles, a suitable candle stand should also be given.

Personalized Ash tray

This one definitely falls for that heavy-weight client that you won’t lose at any cost. A stylish and personalized ash tray for that person who smokes would be well-appreciated. For his birthday or for congratulating him on any success, this can be gifted.

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