10 Things You Should Never Tell Your Girlfriend

Girls Love a guy who’s honest, But Sometimes Telling a girls exactly what’s on your mind can backfire. Guys Shouldn’t have to hold their tongues when it comes to speaking to their girlfriend, but they may want to think twice before they say something that may set her off.

There are certain things that irritate your girlfriend

1 : she’s pretty, cute, sexy  or “Your friend is super hot” .

A girl never want to hear that her boyfriend finds another woman attractive, especially if the girl is her best friend

2 : “Fine”

Fine ? What does that even mean?  it will disappoint your girlfriend. Show some enthusiasm.  ‘fabulous’ is the world

3 : “Whatever”

Similar to fine, this response to a girlfriend’s comments will leave her feeling personally affronted by your indifference

4 : You look fat in that dress

Keep your honesty in your girl want to hear that. critiquing your girlfriend body will definitely land you in the doghouse, so it’s best to avoid all conversations pertaining to her size and weight, girls are very sensitive about their bodies

5 : “No.

A girls hates to hear the word “no” especially if she’s only making a simple request.when a guys says “no” to things like a watching a romantic comedy  or going to his girlfriend’s favorite restaurant or cafe. it makes her think he  just doesn’t care enough about her to compromise and make her happy

6 : Please stop singing

To her, this means: “You have a bad singing voice, and I cannot stand to hear the nails-on-chalkboard-like sound emanating from your throat.” Not very kind.

7 : Is that what you’re going to wear?

when it comes to find the perfect outfit, the struggle is real. it
may take a girl up to 30 minutes to finally throw something together at the last thing she wants to hear fro her boyfriend is “is that what you’re wearing? when a guy make this comment his girlfriend think he’s not happy with her appearance.

8 : Can you just relax/chill

Were you just having a fight? Were you losing? Because you will now. All hell will break loose if you tell your girlfriend to just “chill”. Girls are the masters of table-turning and you telling them to chill will make them do the complete opposite.

9 : uh huh , humm , ok , yeah

This is called listening without listening. if your girlfriend engaging you in conversation, pay attention

10 : Talking about ex-girlfriend.

much is the same way that guys don’t like being compared to other guys . do not compare a girl to anther girl or your ex.

If you think that I missed something then, please comment below.

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