At the age of 93, former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee departs after leading an inspirational life

One of the most influential personalities in the history of India, Atal Bihari Vajpayee departed today after being hospital since the last nine weeks. His health was deteriorating a lot since many years and it is sad to see him no more. His figure in the politics of India has been much talked about. The man was respected even by the opposition, something which any other politician has failed to achieve. May his soul rest in peace and his dream of an India, leading the world in every department, be soon realized.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, born on 25th December 1924 in Gwalior, was one of the most recognized and admirable politicians in the world. His days of struggle and leadership of India during times of crisis all over the world has garnered him praise. He was one of the few politicians which people loved from their bottom of their heart. The man inspired an entire generation of the country, which laid the foundation for young and dynamic India.

We mention some of his achievements as the Prime Minister of India which set him apart from others:

  1. Forming a coalition government was unheard and not thought of when Atal Ji became the PM. He brought together many political parties to reach majority in the parliament to give the nation a well-formed government.
  2. He spearheaded the idea to make India a respected country all over the world, with the help of better foreign policy tactics.
  3. During his tenure, the country faced a lot of hurdles like cyclone, earthquakes, riots, etc. But the nation’s economy and numerous other departments were on their feet. Even after many hurdles like the 9/11, the share market of India was performing satisfactorily.
  4. Making India a nuclear state was a gutsy move, which made the country a superpower in terms of brute power. Atal Ji faced a lot of flak for this move, but justified this decision and won the hearts of the population.
  5. Telecom sector saw a significant surge in the NDA led government headed by Atal Ji. The new policy enabled better market penetration, which provided much needed impetus to the telecom growth.
  6. The Right to Education Act was brought in by him for enabling every child to get educated and make a better future for the country.
  7. ISRO landed the Chandrayan-1 rocket, which underlined India’s space exploration prowess.
  8. National Highway Development Project (NHDP) was undertaken to provide better roads, enable connectivity between states, and provide employment to the youth.

The steps taken by Atal Bihari Vajpayee cemented India as an upcoming superpower.
His demise will certainly leave a vacuum in the Indian political system. The admirable man’s impression will be forever left in our lives. The whole team of TVR pays tribute to the man who begun the vision of young India.

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