10 Ethical Facts About Broccoli

Broccoli has been termed as one of the healthiest green vegetable you will ever serve. It is affordable, tastes great and versatile to prepare. It can be served raw, with pasta, steamed and even mixed with Chinese foods. The nutritional and dietary benefits are innumerable.

Here are facts that will ensure that you make it part of your everyday diet

  1. Broccoli has formed part of everyday diet for years. The earliest recorded use was in Italy off the Mediterranean in the 6th century BC. The Romans made it part of their daily meals and have continued with the tradition to-date. The name is derived from the Italian and Latin Braccio and Brachium respectively which mean ‘arm’.
  2. Broccoli is a senior member of the cabbage family that comes with excellent cruciferous properties. As the name suggests, it is from the flowering top part of a cabbage. This comes with incredible health and nutritious benefits. It beats other members of the family hands down in terms of nutrition and dietary benefits. It is an excellent source of vitamin C. For a person who is not interested in taking fruits as a source of vitamin C, Broccoli is the best alternative.
  3. A cup of broccoli that is chopped will provide the equivalent of nutrients provided by one orange. This means that a single cup provides what you require for your daily intake.
  4. Broccoli provides plenty of vitamin A- the benefits of Vitamin A to the body include the ability to fight cancer, guarantee the health of your eyes, keep away glaucoma and prevent other degenerative eye diseases, among others. Vitamin A also boosts the health of your skin besides breaking down urinary stones and ensuring healthy teeth and bones. Urinary stones are common during summer and summer heat and to persons exposed to dehydration. Broccoli will provide the nutrients you require to keep away all these conditions.
  5. Broccoli is an excellent source of fiber. It contains both categories of soluble and insoluble fibers. This is a double advantage considering that the body needs both varieties. It minimizes the foods you will need to take in order to get all the nutrients you need. A single serving will provide all the nutrients you need.
  6. In the United States, California produces the most tones in a year. 80% of broccoli consumed in the US comes from the Golden State. US is only the fourth largest producer with China taking the first slot with a total production of 8 million tones.
  7. Broccoli contains a compound called Flavonoid Kaempferol. This is a compound that helps to fight cancer through its anti-inflammation properties. It is also effective in keeping away heart diseases as well as delays the onset of diabetes in adults. It has been proven to minimize the risk of coronary heart disease in women and heart related fatalities.
  8. Broccoli offers antibiotic benefits in preventing the formation of bacteria that cause peptic ulcers. This is through a compound that is unique to the broccoli. This compound is more effective that commercially produced antibiotics.
  9. The different shades in which broccoli is available provide the variety you need to spice your food. It allows you to have a daily serving without your plate appearing to be monotonously green. Some of these shades range from deep sage to dark and purplish green. It makes the vegetable attractive event to children.
  10. Eating of broccoli has been approved by one of the founding fathers of United States, Jefferson Thomas. He was a great fan of the vegetable and resulted to importing them from Italy. He owned a farm in Monticello and there are records of him having planted the imported seeds on this firm. This is a great endorsement of this vegetable running hundreds of year. With numerous lab tests to confirm its health and nutritional benefits, there is no reason to miss the vegetable in your diet.

The reference of broccoli as a super vegetable is not erroneous. The benefits elucidate above only serve to highlight expected benefits. Its versatility and affordability makes it the idea vegetable for each of your meals

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