Western Cultures are not reason of RAPE !!!!! Reality Of Rapes

When ever my cousins or some females need to go out, they usually want us to accompany them. they want some one to be with them when they are out alone, i mean even in day light women cannot go out alone. and if they go alone, their parents cannot be comfortable till they reach home safe a town or city in which she was born becomes dangerous for her when she is grown up. women and girls in India are constantly making headlines not because they did something great but because they are constantly subjected to Sexual harassment , molestation. for every 2 min a girl or women is sexually harassed in India. if news channels start showing each and every crime against women then all our day we may see only news about sexual crimes against women  !!!!
this is the reality today …

All we can do when ever a crime against women or a girl happens is comforting ourselves by saying that thank god !! our sister and cousins are safe !!!  and if you are a politician , all you can do is BLAMING THE WESTERN CULTURE FOR WHATEVER HAPPENS AGAINST GIRLS OR WOMEN. this is the new normal now in India, just blame the western culture and everything settles down. for those who blame western culture as a reason for crime against women.  states which record high crime against women are not even literate or most advanced states . all of the states which are shown above only Haryana and Punjab are some what developed.
The fault lies in our mentality, we were told since our childhood that females are weak gender and males are strong. women are considered sensitive and everything regarding women is considered very sensitive since our childhood. even our epics are male dominant. from goddess SITA to DROUPADI everyone are subjected to some kind of mental or physical pain in male hands . and we enjoy it, when a group of males removes the sari of Droupadi ..  of course, lord Krishna comes to her rescue there… !!! but no one comes to the rescue of women now …
A few days back when a women while returning her home was attacked by two men sexually, everyone was just watching it.. not even a single man dared to stop those two men ..
so where lies the problem ????
the problem lies in every single male. fault is not only with those who do crimes against women but also with those who don’t even dare to stop. this mentality must change, if today a man can sexually harass a women then the same man can do the same thing with our sisters Tomorrow. we can blame western culture easily for the crimes against women , but we cannot do the same when the same mistake happens with our family members, then we get so much angered that we would go to the extent of killing him, the same anger must be shown when a crime happens against any female. our movies also must change the way they portray women. when ever a male drinks alcohol , the screen shows the disclaimer of drinking is injurious to health, why don’t the same movie shows a disclaimer like rape is a crime when villain rapes a women. this is where our system must change. in our epics women are portrayed weak and are subjected to pain, in our movies we show women as a weak gender who are constantly subjected to harassment in the hands of villain. in every aspect of our life we consider women as a weak sex, i think this mentality of man to see women as a weak gender has given him the dare to sexually exploit or harass her at his will…..

Thanks to the colonial laws, many women who face daily sexual harassment in the hands of the males fears to come forward and file a complaint. it is because they feels it is better to sit silent in home rather than going to the court and explaining everything to the judge in front of so many male judges !! and the questions of the male judges who ask her about every detail of how it happened kills her more. it took nearly 67 years for us to frame the NIRBHAYA ACT to save women. and still they are not safe, despite the act , they are raped, exploited, harassed,,..

Now its time to stop telling our daughters that they are weak sex since their childhood. bring them up by saying that they are living in a society where women is treated as a toy for flesh and constantly subjected to sexual harassment. its time to tell them to be strong, and to survive you have to be brave enough to face the beast ( male ). real empowerment for women is not when they wear the dress they like. it is when they feel free to live, when they live their life’s without fear of being raped. Men will be called real Men when they protect women, it is up to us to protect women in our society from these crimes. if we are misbehaving with any female, remember that the same may happen with your sister or any other female of your family tomorrow..

lets not tolerate this..
lets build a safer world for women, a world where she can return home alone safe even at midnight !!!

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